Bring Solution Team® to your students

Even in the best intentioned schools students are bullied. Without intervention, they risk immediate and long-term physical and emotional harm. Schools that respond with Solution Team® are solving 90% of incidents.

What is Solution Team?

No Bully developed Solution Team as an intervention that any teacher or staff member can implement to respond to bullying at their school.  Teachers that have been through one-day of training are certified as a Solution Coach®.  When a student is the target of bullying, the Solution Coach convenes a Solution Team comprised of the bully, bully-followers and positive peer leaders; assures them they are not in trouble; walks them into the shoes of the target so that they feel what the target feeling; and asks the students what they can do or stop doing to end the bullying.  Research demonstrates that educators trained as Solution Coaches are solving 90% of incidents of bullying. Solution Team was ranked number one by Ashoka in its global Changemaker competition as a breakthrough solution to bullying. 

Bring Solution Team to your school

We are inviting individuals that are passionate about making childhood bully-free to get trained as Solution Coach Trainers, certified to train teachers in their school/district how to run Solution Teams for students in need.  We will build your ability to deliver this award-winning training through our three-day certification program.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

No Bully provides you with as much follow-up coaching as you need during your first year to support you in running Solution Teams and delivering your own Solution Coach® Training. Certification and listing on the No Bully website after the delivery of your first successful training.

How much

The license fee of $3,500 is inclusive of the three-day training, follow up coaching and a one-year site license to deliver the Solution Coach® Training at your school.  (Travel and hotel costs not included.)  $500 for each additional site or to renew. 

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