Sock Problems and No Bully announce "Sock Bullying" Campaign!

This October Bullying Prevention Month, No Bully collaborated with Sock Problems to bring you our "Sock Bullying" Campaign! When you purchase our sock, you're helping No Bully to continue our evidence based non-punitive programs and put an end to bullying in schools. Since 2009, the non-punitive No Bully System has created bully-free schools for over 200,000 students. Please help make childhood bully-free for everyone by ordering your socks today.

With a design that makes a statement and inspiring quotes like "Be Brave", "Compassion", and "Stay Positive" your socks could bring a smile to someone in need of uplifting!  Please join us in spreading these empowering messages and... 

Click here to order your own pair of No Bully socks!

...did we mention how comfortable and soft they are?

Tried and tested by our own No Bully staff!