Protecting Students with Disabilities

Bullying and disability is an enormous issue across the US for two reasons. First, the number of students with disability is significant and growing: one in six children born today has some form of developmental challenge. Second, these students are three times more likely than other students to be bullied.

Humanity has seemingly struggled with integrating those with different abilities since the beginning of time. Many pre-industrial societies left disabled infants on the mountainside to be taken by wild animals. Those who survived would often be given derogatory names and relegated to serving secondary functions within the community. As a society, we continue to make strides embracing diversity around race, gender, and sexual orientation. When it comes to our attitudes toward disability, however, "retard[ed]" and "mental" remain some of the most common putdowns in our schools. Furthermore, we adults continue, often unconsciously, to segregate these students, e.g., with our special rooms at the back of the campus for severely emotional disturbed students.

In the infographics below, you'll learn more about how No Bully empowers school leadership teams to protect students with disabilities and turn their school's culture around.