Become a No Bully City

Student bullying is not just a school issue.  If we fail to address it, the entire city suffers. Increased truancy and school dropouts burden city police. Drug and alcohol abuse, violence and criminality extend to the city’s streets and parks.  Diverse families are marginalized and local health services are burdened to treat the physical and mental health impacts.  In extreme cases, student shootings and suicides darken the entire community.  

Increasingly, school districts are recognizing the need for a community wide system to prevent bullying and respond effectively when incidents stull occur.  Bullying is a citywide issue best tackled through community collaboration.  Whenever possible, No Bully brings together the school department with the Mayor’s office, local police and corporate sponsors to create a unified No Bully initiative. 

The No Bully Community Partnership consists of an integrated series of consultations for the superintendent, coaching for the school leadership teams and trainings for teachers in how to sustain a bully-free campus long-term.

Learn more from the infographics below, which powerfully illustrate how becoming a No Bully City can help end bullying and ignite compassion in your city.