Solution Team

Bystander Revolution: Nicholas Carlisle | Solution Teams

Solution Team® puts the power to solve bullying into the hands of students

Solution Team® is a radically effective response to bullying in which a trained educator—a Solution Coach®—brings together a team of students and leverages their empathy to end the bullying of one of their peers. The educator tells the team they are not in trouble, describes how it feels to be in the target’s shoes and asks the team what they can do or stop doing to stop the bullying. The team includes the bully, the bully-followers and positive leaders from the peer group. The educator leads the team through two structured follow-up meetings, the final one attended by the target.

  • When a student is harassed because of a protected characteristic (e.g., race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity), the Solution Coach® uses the Solution Team® to reflect and provide real life learning on the effects of intolerance.
  • Over time Solution Teams® create classroom and school cultures where students are more accepting of differences, more trusting of adult help and where incidents of bullying are significantly reduced.

In 2012 Solution Team® was awarded First Prize in a global competition organized by Ashoka Changemakers for how it activates empathy to achieve social impact and sustainability. 628 innovations were considered from 74 countries.