Your alternative to suspension

Despite the increasing legal mandate on schools to end student bullying, most schools have no effective system in place.  Typically, schools engage in denial that bullying happens on their campus or resort to stock responses of punishment, suspension, and expulsion.  School punitive responses are based on the belief that students involved in bullying lack capacity for positive feeling and are best redirected by the infliction of pain.  We live in an increasingly punitive society and this is reflected in US schools where suspension rates have doubled in the last three decades.  However, punishment generally fails to promote character or skill development in the bully, and often leads to retaliation against the target.  Beyond this, punitive responses to bullying, such as zero-tolerance policies, security equipment and personnel, disproportionately target students of color, create harsh school environments that often cause increases in student aggression, and contribute to a school to prison pipeline.

Learn more from the infographics below, which powerfully illustrate how bringing the No Bully system to your school is the best alternative to suspensions.