The No Bully System® stops bullying

The No Bully System® is a step-by-step process and set of interventions to prevent and stop bullying and cyberbullying in school and after-school programs. Developed through years of partnering with schools, it guides school leaders, teachers and staff in a series of interventions for responding to bullying and harassment, depending on the severity of the incident. When severe or persistent bullying occurs, teachers facilitate Solution Teams®, where the target’s peer group and the bully come together to bring the bullying to an end.


This evidence-based approach leverages the compassion and kindness inherent in all of us. Independent studies show that schools trained in the No Bully System® remedy bullying in 90% of cases and that this remains true at a three-month follow up. The No Bully System® aligns well with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Response to Intervention (RTI) and Restorative Justice. For schools that follow the PBIS model, the No Bully Solution Team is a Tier 2 intervention, and the follow-up coaching is a Tier 3 intervention. For more information on how the No Bully System® aligns with RTI and PBIS, download here.

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