'Vibe Control' at Paladin High School
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Take Action on Bully Accounts on Social Media
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Shred Hate at Summer X Games
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Dodgers Visit Edgewood Academy!
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Texas Rangers Unite for Anti-Bullying Event
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Shred Hate is a bullying prevention program created by ESPN, supported by Major League Baseball and X Games, that seeks to eliminate bullying by encouraging kids to choose kindness.

The ultimate goal of Shred Hate is to cause a tangible reduction of bullying incidents in schools by igniting the compassion of youth. With 10 million students bullied each year in the U.S., the need and timing for such a program is critical.

Participation in sports can be two-fold as it can both be a refuge from bullying as well as lead to additional incidents of bullying. ESPN, X Games and Major League Baseball are committed to creating and sustaining a bully-free culture in schools through Shred Hate, which has impacted nearly 90,000 students in 130 schools nationwide since 2016.

The No Bully System has proven to remedy 90% of all bullying cases in the schools where it’s been implemented.

Working hard to strike out bullying!

We have developed these lessons for use in out-of-school programs or wherever youth experience bullying. The lessons, designed to last approximately 30-40 minutes each, are age appropriate to grades K-3, and are complementary to the No Bully System® in-school training. Click here to download the free lesson manuals.

Cool to be kind: MLB joins anti-bullying platform

More than 10 million students report being bullied each year in the U.S., according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of Education, and those are just the ones who report it. That translates to nearly one in every four students, meaning someone’s child is being bullied right now at a school somewhere near you.

Mendoza discusses ESPN’s #ShredHate from ESPNFrontRow on Vimeo.

ESPN, X Games, and Major League Baseball hosted a complimentary webinar to address cyberbullying

Nearly 1 in 3 students experience bullying in schools. With technological advancements and the rise of youth engagement across digital platforms and electronic devices, bullying and aggressive behaviors have extended beyond the classroom setting.

Cyberbullying, coined in 2008, is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. ESPN, X Games and Major League Baseball hosted a complimentary webinar on November 1, designed to offer best practices to address cyberbullying, in partnership with No Bully, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that trains schools how to activate student compassion to eradicate bullying and cyberbullying.

Experts from the education field explored the issue and provided actionable ideas and strategies for educators to begin addressing cyberbullying in their classrooms, schools and beyond.

About ESPN Corporate Citizenship

ESPN believes that, at its very best, sports uplifts the human spirit. Its corporate citizenship programs use power of sport to positively address society’s needs through strategic community investments, cause marketing programs, collaboration with sports organizations and employee volunteerism, while also utilizing its diverse media assets. For more information go to ESPN Citizenship or X Games Shred Hate.

About Major League Baseball

MLB is the most historic professional sports league in the United States and consists of 30 member clubs in the U.S. and Canada, representing the highest level of professional baseball. It is the best-attended sport in North America, and since 2004, MLB has enjoyed its best-attended seasons in the history of the game. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB currently features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports. MLB remains committed to making an impact in the communities of the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, perpetuating the sport’s larger role in society and permeating every facet of baseball’s business, marketing and community relations endeavors. With the continued success of MLB Advanced Media and MLB Network, MLB continues to find innovative ways for its fans to enjoy America’s National Pastime and a truly global game. For more information on MLB, visit www.MLB.com.